Our Services

Being a company which provides Intellectual Property consultancy, we offer a comprehensive array of services which includes:

  • Providing search services on Trademarks and Patents and providing a comprehensive report on the registrability on patentability of a proposed trademark or patent;
  • Preparing the necessary paperwork for Trademark registration or the drafting of patent submission prior to its submission for patent application;
  • Attending to post registration issues such as objections from the Trademark Office or Patent Office in relation to the trademark or patent submitted for registered;
  • Providing copyright advisory to clients desirous of protecting their artistic, work; and
  • To advise clients on various aspects of a product outlook or design protection

Apart from the preliminary registration services stated above, we also provide post registration services such as registering the IPs in jurisdictions other than Malaysia., We also offer services such as prosecuting infringing marks/designs/processes, licensing, assignments and advisory on litigation matters.

The services enumerated above are the major aspects which we usually undertake. However, we will provide additional related service if request by our clients or if the situation calls for it.